Dear customers, in this article I will briefly provide information about cold sores on your lips after permanent make-up, when there is a predisposition to cold sores.

The first one. The client's herpes virus may or may not be present. A permanent makeup master cannot infect a client with herpes, this must be remembered.
The second one. If the client has herpes virus, this may be the reason for the client’s immunity decrease. Permanent make-up is a small but nevertheless intervention in the client’s body. When you do permanent makeup of lips with reduced immunity, for example, you have a cold or after an illness, then there is a high probability that herpes can appear on the lips.

The customer is the client, and the master is the performer. The client card always describes that the client is after an illness and has reduced immunity. Therefore, at the stage of consultation with the client before the procedure, your master should specify not only the shape of the lips and the color of the tattoo, but also specify whether there was a cold sore on the face or not, how often it manifests itself.

To get the desired result after high-quality permanent make-up, on the lips, eyebrows, it is necessary to undergo a herpes prophylaxis for the client. In my practice, I always advise the client three days before the procedure to undergo herpes prophylaxis, I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe medication, I do not treat, and as a master professional I always recommend prophylaxis. Drugs that must be taken to prevent viral infection are taken as follows.

I recommend taking Valocyclovir 2-3 days before the procedure, on the day of the procedure, and five days after the procedure. The dosage for the prevention of herpes before the procedure of permanent makeup is a tablet 2 times a day. This is if the client has frequent rashes of herpes and a predisposition to herpes. Valacyclovir helps relieve pain: it reduces its duration and reduces the percentage of patients with pain caused by herpes zoster, including acute postherpetic neuralgia.

After oral administration, the drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, quickly and almost completely turning into acyclovir and valine. This transformation is carried out by the liver enzyme valaciclovirhydrolase. The herpes virus of the first type is often found in rashes on the face. There are other types of herpes, but type 1 is found in my practice quite often after permanent makeup procedures. 

The client must come healthy during the permanent make-up procedure.

If you came to the procedure of permanent makeup and went through prophylaxis, it is advisable to take the drug before the procedure or immediately after the procedure. The drug valociclovir does not accumulate in the body, do not worry about this issue. The VAL pistol indicates that amic acid has been added so that more of the drug enters your body. Valocyclovir, I emphasize again, is used twice a day for prevention and is rapidly excreted by the kidneys, and acyclovir is used four to five times a day. Five is better. In order for acyclovir to get more into the body of the client, it must be used in a larger dosage.

Acyclovir, if you use this drug, it needs a larger dosage than valociclovir, since acyclovir is more rapidly excreted. Valocyclovir is first processed, in simple terms, and therefore it should not be used so often. Acyclovir needs a larger dosage and is more often used; valociclovir needs a lower dosage and is less commonly used. For an adult, valocyclovir is the drug of choice, since you do not worry that you can forget about the regularity of the drug. In the morning before work - and in the evening after work. A very convenient schedule for taking medication.

I always say to all clients that permanent makeup is a provocation for the body, and it is advisable to undergo prophylaxis, it is not necessary to use valociclovir or acyclovir, there are other drugs for the prevention of herpes. In my opinion, valocyclovir is a more effective drug, but the client himself must decide what is better for him (more on this later).

What is the danger of herpes for permanent makeup? Firstly, if herpes has shown itself after the procedure of permanent makeup, then you are preparing for the fact that the color will be less intense in this place or completely absent. The client needs additional permanent makeup procedures (1-2 more) than in cases without herpes, and this is an additional payment for basic services. From an economic point of view - it is better to be safe. What should a client do if he cannot use acyclovir and valociclovir for the prevention of herpes? There is an old grandmother's way - to burn carvalol inflammation.

ABOUT HERPES IN DETAIL FOR THE CLIENT The herpes virus has a size of 0.02 microns. Only 8 herpes viruses pose a threat to humans, there are about 200 of them. The most basic - HSV-1 (Herpes simplex virus 1) - after permanent makeup and in everyday life affects the area of ​​the face, most often the area of ​​the lips after PM. VH (herpes virus) lives in nerve nodes (ganglia), and is inactive in 90-95% of clients. GV can be transmitted even at birth, is not a living form of life. For propagation, the virus requires genetic material and therefore it is embedded in human DNA, which becomes viral.

The herpes virus is in the patient’s body in a dormant state. It lives in the nervous tissue. A cozy place for him are the nerve ganglia (nodes) of the trigeminal nerve. Everything will be calm, while there are no exciting factors. Some people fall ill with herpes, while others do not, some clients have a inflammatory process of herpes after the permanent make-up procedure, while others, after permanent lip make-up, in particular, all is well and calm, there is no inflammatory reaction. Why is this happening?

It is important to understand how our immunity works. Immunity is our safety in the first place, it protects us from viruses and bacteria, from fungi and parasites, from infection. Immunity for all clients is different. The herpes virus is activated by the nerve endings after stress, trauma, cooling, overheating in the sun, as well as a result of hormonal changes, diseases. In permanent make-up, the lip area is very sensitive, delicate, has a network of nerve endings, so as a result of permanent make-up of the lips, there is a high probability of attracting and activating the sleeping herpes virus to this area.

How everything happens: The 1st stage that you will observe is tingling. The virus received a signal from the nerve endings to action and begins to multiply faster, tend to the damage zone. If the client managed to do herpes prophylaxis before the permanent make-up procedure, there is a high probability of minimizing this stage in terms of area and depth of spread, or stopping it.

Stage 2 is inflammation. Knight cells “phagocytes” begin the battle. There is an unequal battle. Lymphatic fluid forms in small vesicles, and they grow rapidly in size. The duration of the inflammatory phase depends on the treatment and mainly on the client’s immunity.

Stage 3 - growth limit. When the vesicles have reached their peak growth, they begin to burst and lymph with viral DNA can spread over the entire unhealed surface of the lips after permanent makeup. IMPORTANT!!! During this period, take drying and immunostimulating drugs.

Stage 4 - the long-awaited crust. In those places where there were sores, crusts (scabs) form, which perform a protective function. It is important here not to damage these crusts, not to pick, but to use special ointments for healing. The whole process from the first to the fourth stage lasts about 14 days, plus or minus. Therefore, depending on the client’s immunity level, I recommend that you follow the rules of hygiene and regularly use anti-herpes medications.

HERPES INSURANCE Back to the main one? Does the client need to use the remedies before the first signs of herpes, or still apply after the first signs of herpes? Imagine that you did not receive training, what is your risk if you feel the first signs of the herpes virus? There is hope for immunity. Cold, heat, a sharp change in mood, and possibly stress - everything can affect the fact that the virus goes into the activation stage and begins to multiply, thereby moving to the place of damage. Everything can contribute to this, especially if the client’s immunity is unstable.

A small number of medications that we could take for prevention, as well as strengthening immunity, can counter this. How does herpes develop: - the initial stage (up to 24 hours); - stage of hyperemia (1 day); - stage of the formation of bubbles (1-2 days); - stage of erosion (2-3 days); - stage of crust formation (3-9 days); - stage of healing (9-12 days).

Back to treatment, acyclovir is the most low-toxic among other drugs, can be prescribed for children and pregnant women, in addition to viral treatment, strengthens the immune system: tablets / ointment 3-6 times a day for 5-10 days. Valocyclovir - analogues of the drug valtrex, valcicon, valvir (the active substance valociclovir in the body is split into acyclovir and valine - an amino acid that affects nerve fibers). The action is similar, as I already said with acyclovir, but more powerful. Children under 12 years of age should not be prescribed, during pregnancy and HBV is prescribed for clinical indications. Treatment - 2 times a day - 5-10 days.

In two preparations, acyclovir remains the main active ingredient. But acyclovir and valocyclovir are different drugs in terms of bioavailability, exposure time and treatment regimens. Acyclovir for the prevention of herpes in permanent makeup procedures is a mild and harmless drug, but it should be consumed more often. Prevention scheme before permanent makeup and after: 1) Before PM - 200 mg - 1 tablet - 5 times a day. 7 in the morning, 11 in the morning, 15, 19, 23 nights - (as a result, 5 times a day). 2) After PM - 5 days as before prevention. I comprehensively recommend clients taking immunostimulating drugs, as well as drinking plenty of fluids.

Even if there is no disease, the doctor may not give you an appointment for something that is not there, but the master professional, based on his experience in the field of permanent makeup, should tactfully recommend to the client, since acyclovir is a harmless drug. The disadvantage of this scheme for the prevention of herpes in permanent makeup: a large number of receptions - the client can forget about the time of using the drug for prevention. Valocyclovir is used 2 times a day after 12 hours. 2 days before PM (especially before PM lips) - 5 days after. The standard scheme of prevention. I comprehensively recommend clients immunostimulating drugs and heavy drinking.

It has a large barrier permeability even before being transformed into acyclovir, and thus remains fully active until it encounters viral DNA. It acts on viral DNA more actively and longer. The plus is that a convenient schedule for taking the drug. Both drugs work well, it is only important to adhere strictly to the prophylaxis scheme, so as not to get to treatment.

Many customers are concerned about the “cumulative effect." I want to disappoint you, but with regard to the prevention and treatment of herpes virus, this concept is not true, the active substance acyclovir, so to speak, is a consumable. The main thing is not to miss the time of reception. Imagine that you are driving a car comfortably from point A to point B, and if your transport has not been filled in time, it will stop and you will not reach your destination. Conclusion: the fact that you did the perfect permanent makeup is all in vain and you won’t get the desired result. Moreover, you will have to call someone to help you get back or get to your destination.

OINTMENT OR CREAM? Which is better and when to use? 
After the procedure of permanent makeup, it is better to use an ointment, not a cream. Bought at a pharmacy without a prescription. A penny is worth it, but it's worth it. And you do not need to use your old lipsticks and lip gloss after PM, be prudent. And yet, you should not ask your friend for a shine at work, it is not clear what to moisturize your lips after permanent makeup. If you are ready to constantly pay for additional procedures and complain that Here - herpes spilled out - ok)), but you must understand - other people's cosmetics are additional microbes for your body.

Be prudent, it is better to do prophylaxis, have the perfect aesthetic permanent makeup, smile and be a happy woman. Much depends on the client, not only on the professionalism of the master. Kisses, I love everyone. 

Your Millecenta ( Alesia Khokhlova)